We deliver tailored solutions.

We are one of the few firms delivering legal services in the area of sports law that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of professional players and sporting organizations.


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Sports Law, being unique and transdisciplinary field of law, requires cooperation of various departments including litigation, employment and contract law, which distinguishes our firm from other law firms, with having a solid background in all these areas of law backed with specific expertise in arbitration cases pending before Dispute Resolution Committee of the Turkish Football Federation.


Our office also offers effective litigation services to our clients at both criminal courts on public cases arising out of sports law and at civil courts on cases arising out of sports contracts.

Our legal services in this specific field cover broad spectrum of subjects from litigation on sport law issues to protection of clients’ rights before arbitration and also include drafting athlete and managers contracts along with pursuing all kind of transactions before the relevant sports federations.

  • 01
    Drafting, negotiating, execution and termination of any type of contract involving sports institutions and associations, sportspeople or other stakeholders in the area of sports
  • 02
    Advising in relation to sponsorship structures and drafting sponsorship contracts
  • 03
    Contract Issues
    Advising professional players in respect of the breach of contract issues and remedies available to them
  • 04
    Doping Issues
    Managing doping issues (related to litigations or not)
  • 05
    Application for work and residence permits and immigration of athletes
  • 06
    Providing regulatory compliance and licensing services to sport clubs and players
  • 07
    Representing professional players or sport clubs both on local or international level (i.e. cases before arbitral courts or disciplinary committees including within Turkish Football Federation, CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sports), FIFA and UEFA) and mediations