We resolve significant and complex disputes.

Our litigation and dispute resolution practice offers extensive legal support for our clients covering all areas of disputes.


all phases


Many individuals and organizations are challenged with significant even complex disputes. These disputes may include anything from violation of contract terms, construction related claims, unpaid debts, commercial disputes. In case these disputes are not settled through negotiation between the parties, they will be concluded either by court litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods. Our experienced lawyers are able to handle all phases of litigation and dispute resolution process.


Our practice offers includes and not limited to shareholder and contractual relations, recognition and enforcement lawsuits, tort and negligence actions, employment disputes, restructuring and insolvency matters and realization of pledged and seized assets. In addition to these disputes, our lawyers are fully capable of handling all kinds of execution and bankruptcy related matters such as collection of receivables, composition with creditors, bankruptcy, liquidation, and postponement of bankruptcy.

  • 01
    Corporate Disputes
    Providing extensive support for our clients in the field of corporate dispute resolution such as handling shareholders’ and joint venture related disputes, directors’ and board members’ liability, M&A litigation and corporate governance disputes
  • 02
    Legal Support
    Providing all required legal support for representing our clients during their criminal law, administrative law, civil law and employment law cases
  • 03
    Administrative Law
    Support given to our clients on all matters related with administrative law and represent our clients before administrative courts, tax courts of first instances and the Council of State
  • 04
    Execution & Bankruptcy
    Advising our clients on all aspects of execution and bankruptcy procedures in order to realize successful collection of debts
  • 05
    Consumer Law
    Representing our clients on matters related with consumer law disputes arising from sale and purchase agreements and defective goods and services
  • 06
    Employment Law
    Assisting our clients regarding all aspects of employment law such as non-compete procedures, employment disputes and reemployment lawsuits
  • 07
    Insolvency & Restructure
    Providing all required legal support for our clients during their insolvency and restructuring processes